Multiple Entry Visit Visa

Multiple Entry Visit Visa use for all of aspect activity connected to government activity, tourism, social & culture, and business activity, which has purpose to come to Indonesia for several time in 1 year. But this visa can't be used for working. Multiple Entry Visit Visas has limited stay max 60 days/ entry and the stay permit un-extendable. To get this visa the applicant should be sponsored by a company, personal or Departments/Instances in connected in Indonesia .

Requirement documents:

A. From sponsor :

Business Activity :

Company :

  • Deed of Establishment Company (Akta Pendirian Perusahaan)
  • Company's Tax Number (NPWP)
  • Company's Business License (SIUP)
  • Company's Bank Account Statements
  • The Director's Identity Card

Social & Culture Activity :

Personal :

  • Copy of Sponsor's ID Card, which has residence in Indonesia , especially in Bali .
  • Original of Sponsor's Family Register Card
  • Copy of Bank Account Statement

Organization/Education Institution :

  • Organization/ Education Institution License
  • Copy of ID Card of Organization Chairman

Note :
The documents above should be original or copy legalized from Notary/ In charge Department

B. From Applicant :

  • Copy of applicant's passport – min validity 18 months (all pages).
  • Photos size 4 x 6 cm : 2 pcs (color)

Those documents above have to apply to Head Quarter of Immigration Jakarta for an Approval Visa (Telex Visa). It will take around 7 working days. The applicant must bring and collect visa to Indonesia Embassy/ Consulate in overseas. The applicant has to come back to Indonesia within 90 days from date of visa issued. When entry in Indonesia , the applicant will have limit stay max 60/entry and the stay permit un-extendable.