Single Entry Visit Visa

Single Entry Visit Visa use for all of aspect activity connected to government activity, tourism, social & culture, and business activity. But this visa can't be use for working. Single Entry Visit Visa has stay permit max 60 days and extendable every 30 days with limit stay max 6 months/entry in Indonesia , except for tourism activity the stay permit un-extendable . This visa can be used only for one (1) entry. To get this visa the applicant should be sponsored by a company, personal or Departments/Instances in connected in Indonesia .

Requirement documents:

A. From sponsor :

Business Activity :

Company :

  • Deed of Establishment Company (Akta Pendirian Perusahaan)
  • Company's Tax Number (NPWP)
  • Company's Business License (SIUP)
  • Company's Bank Account Statements
  • The Director's Identity Card

Social & Culture Activity :

Personal :

  • Copy of Sponsor's ID Card, which has residence in Indonesia , especially in Bali .
  • Original of Sponsor's Family Register Card
  • Copy of Bank Account Statement

Organization/Education Institution :

  • Organization/ Education Institution License
  • Copy of ID Card of Organization Chairman

Note :
The documents above should be original or copy legalized from Notary/ In charge Department

B. From Applicant :

  • Copy of applicant's passport – min validity 12 months (all pages).
  • Photos size 4 x 6 cm : 2 pcs (color)

Those documents above have to apply to Head Quarter of Immigration Jakarta for an Approval Visa (Telex Visa). It will take around 30 working days. The applicant must bring and collect visa to Indonesia Embassy/ Consulate in overseas. The applicant has to come back to Indonesia within 90 days from date of visa issued. When entry in Indonesia, the applicant will have stay permit max 60 days and stay permit could be extent monthly with limit stay max 6 months/entry.